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Shelley Rae is a relatively new resident on our islands, recently taking up residence on Macleay Island. Shelley should prove extremely valuable to island home owners and home builders with her architectural and interior design skills. They say imagination is the most important component in home design, and Shelley’s visionary repurposing artistry definitely un-locks exponential property value. Her sustainable luxury approach crafts exclusive coastal retreats by masterfully reimagining salvaged elements into bespoke, eco-conscious beauty. This direction also reduces renovation costs while embracing the future of elevated island living. So islanders, now is your chance to reimagine your dream ‘oasis’ today. Elevate your island property through Shelley's inspired reinvention. Check out Shelley’s new advertisement in our Give Us A Call section/ Contact Island Architectural & Interior Design today. Call 0480 211912 (Macleay Island) insta: shelleymcraeinter 


The appropriately named Bugger Off Pest Control is now available to home owners with pest problems on Macleay Island. The business is owned and is the brain-child of Scott Webber, a resident of Macleay island for many years. He has long been in the industry but has re-launched his services with Bugger Off Pest Control. Scott can assist Macleay Islanders with general pest eradication, termite inspections and treatment, and full pest control. You can contact Scott by phoning 0422 192 721.


A very handy new business on our islands in SMBI Air Conditioning. Air conditioning is a requirement fro most island homes and there are always issues for many islanders. Peter Koerner started SMBI Air Conditioning early this year and is pleased to be of service to clients on all the SMB Islands. He is experienced with most major brands and as well as servicing, diagnosis, repairs, maintenance and installations. He can also assist in selling you an air conditioning system that is best suited to your home. You may contact Peter Koerner on 0428 837 893.


Spar and Five Star Supermarkets on Macleay Island are heading in some new directions. The long-standing supermarkets are endeavouring to ‘reach out’ to the Island community with improved services, new product and community involvement. check out the new Spar advertisement in this edition. Each month their advertisements alternatively feature the ‘latest’ at both Spar and 5 Star Supermarkets.


The long-standing care provider Blue Care is offering some excellent jobs to islanders on our islands! They are looking for personal carers who can help make a meaningful difference for people who need care and support on our islands. You can become part of the Blue Care Neighbourhood, a supportive and close-knit team delivering care and companionship for Blue Care clients, particularly on our islands. These are paid positions. Check out the Blue Care page in this edition. It has  all the information and contact details to apply for the positions available.


Secure Parking complexes are coming to both Russell and Macleay Islands. Russell Island Secure Parking is well underway, with the project now in the final stages of construction. Located at 2 Fernbrook Avenue, Russell Island, it is located within easy walking distance of the Russell Island jetty. Extensive secure fencing,  monitoring and solar lighting are all features of Russell Island Secure Parking. There are limited spots available (27), so booking your safe and secure spot now, is essential. For more information please phone 0400004373. Alcheringa Secure Parking is also under construction on Macleay Island. When completed in October, it will have secure parking for about 40 vehicles. Watch for more information about this in future editions of The Friendly Bay Islander.


Islanders will be pleased to know there is now a new electrical appliance store on Russell Island. Located in the Russell Island Storage complex in Fernbrook Avenue, SMBI Appliances have a surprising array of electrical appliances available. And the good news is, if they haven’t got what you require, they will endeavour to get it for you. Sharyn Walker owns SMBI Appliances and they are open Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 12 noon. Check out their full page advertisement in this edition of your Friendly Bay Islander.



The new owner of Capalaba Car World is reaching out to Island residents to assist with the servicing of their mainland cars.

There are more than 3000 cars on the mainland owned by islanders (Straddie, Coochie, and SMBIslands).

Getting support for car servicing on mainland cars is often difficult to organise.

New owner of Capalaba Car World, Brent McIntyre, wants to make it ‘easier’ for islanders to have their mainland cars serviced, and is offering ‘special car purchase deals’ to island residents.

Brent took over Capalaba Car World just a month ago and has already headed the business in some exiting new directions.

He has also changed the ‘look’ of the car yard, located at 221 Old Cleveland Road, at Capalaba.

Many islanders have purchased cars from the business over the years when owned by Craig Shemmell, a long-time supporter of the islands.

He happily sold Capalaba Car World to Brent McIntyre, who is also a resident of the Redlands.

Brent told The Friendly Bay Islander: “We are keen to do more for islanders. One way we can help is with pick up and deliver car servicing."

“We can arrange to get keys, collect the cars, and return them to Weinam Creek,” Brent said.

To arrange a car service for your mainland car, just give Capalaba Car World a call on 3543 0994.

Car sales are handled by Mike Judd who has had 45 years in the car sales industry.

To find out more, give Mike Judd a call on 0451 141 856.

• New owner of Capalaba Car World, Brent McIntyre.



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