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If you are a relative newcomer to our islands and you wish to live and work on our islands, then owning a successful business here would be extremely desirable for many. Two of the most successful businesses on our islands are up for sale! Ironically, they are both our island Post Offices on Russell and Macleay Islands. Post Offices in Australia are a growth industry with more and more services being provided by them. On our islands, they provide an even more supportive role to our secluded island community, making them even more future-safe and successful. The Russell Island Post Office is owned by Anthony and Katrina Gleeson whilst the Macleay Island Post Office is owned by Lil Threadgate. Both the Gleesons and Lil have owned and operated the Post Offices for many years and are selling for no other reason than ‘it’s time’. Both parties have taken the businesses as far as they can and are ready to hand over to some enthusiastic newcomers. If you want to know more, we suggest you call in and see them at their respective Post Offices.


A message we have received from a grateful advertiser: “To Dear Gerard and his wonderful team! We would just like to thank you for your wonderful support since we opened our franchise business on the Bay Islands.

You produce an amazing magazine for the four islands. We had no idea just how popular it would be! The majority of enquiries we get have been from The Friendly Bay Islander and we couldn’t be more delighted. Our business literally boomed immediately. So much so that Jim’s Mowing is now busy every day of the week. Your magazine is colourful, glossy and very informative about all the community events happening and is obviously very popular and well read, especially being the only such publication on the islands.

You and your team have been highly professional, friendly and extremely helpful. You have delivered everything you promised.  We would recommend any business, large or small to promote themselves through your magazine as it is SO highly successful. Many, many thanks from Helen & Warren, Jim’s Mowing Bay Islands. And the irony is, Jim’s Mowing is now up for sale! Helen and Warren have purchased a home off the islands and now going to move. So the business is up for sale, and so is a direct waterfront block of land they have at Dalpura Beach on Macleay Island. To find out more, give Jim’s Mowing a call on 0432 595 595.


Tanya from the Cosme Clinic at Cleveland is reaching out to island ladies who might like to take advantage of her extensive services. Tanya is just two doors down from the Centrelink complex in Cleveland at the end of na arcade at 165 Bloomfield Street, Cleveland. Tanya hopes island ladies might enjoy being pampered and treated to some amazing beauty procedures. Her services include Cosmetic Injectables, Skin treatments, Laser treatments, Teeth Whitening, PDO Threads, and Ultraceuticals Skincare. You will enjoy the visit and Tanya. A great lady. You may contact her for an appointment by phoning 0415 431 051 or email:


Island Life Gardening Maintenance is a new business on Macleay Island. Zac Younger is a young island home owner who has turned his passion into a business, having been involved with the land for most of his life. Aspects of maintaining and improving a garden are second nature to Zac. Zac Younger will be excited to meet you and give you a helping hand with any aspects of your yard, be it, mowing, edging, and maintaining, planting, potting, designing garden beds, fishponds, hedging, clipping back overgrowth, general tidying up, and of course, removing all garden waste. Even odd jobs are welcome.  Give him a call on 0408 177 842.


This edition of your Friendly Bay Islander is an equal biggest ever edition. The 84 pages for an island publication is a huge achievement, particularly in this day and age of publishing. The Friendly Bay Islander leads the way in supporting its island community and its island advertisers. And we thank all of our advertisers for being a part of our publication, and we are proud of the fact that many islanders refer to the FBI as ‘The Island Bible’. A great compliment for which we are very grateful. Huge thanks, too, to our graphic designer Elissa Grant for working so hard and being of great support to her ‘dad’, Managing Editor, Gerard Thompson. Thanks Lu Lu.


Things are ramping up at Supa IGA on Russell Island. New Jones group promotions person Belinda Lloyd (Bel) is a lady who doesn’t muck around. she has introduced an additional page each month in your Friendly Bay Islander. Along with the monthly specials, there is also now a special Russell Island Supa IGA Information Page which will have lots of additional information and news about the biggest business on our islands. We look forward to a great continuing relationship with Bel and Russell Island Supa IGA.



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