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The Bay Islands Mutli Sports and Recreation Association (BIMSARA) has some great events coming up, following its most recent annual general meeting.

The  Light Up My Islands (LUMI) festival will return and will be held on the 22nd of June, which is the Winter Solstice. 

All island residents are invited  to join in and encourage any ideas and opportunities to make thIS happen, including holding lantern-making and lantern decorating workshops etc.

A new event will be the Beatz on the Bay Music Festival.

This will be held  over a future weekend, yet to be decided.

A variety of bands will be involved and it is hoped there will be musical events right across all four SMB Islands.   There will be opportunities for markets, food vans, entrepreneurs, and BIMSARA hopes to make this an annual event.

Originally aimed at young adults, the overwhelming support from all ages has led organisers to make this an all-inclusive event. 

All island groups are encouraged to get involved and that each group who holds events might like to think about how they could be involved and have at least one of their members join the Beatz on the Bay steering committee.

A meeting with all groups who host events will be held to streamline events as part of the festival. 

The annual general meeting reported that BIMSARA’s financial health remains strong, thanks to continued support and engagement.

The outgoing treasurer, Shane Rendalls, has diligently managed BIMSARA funds, ensuring transparency and accountability.

The island organisation is pleased to announce that it has secured a grant for external lighting. This enhancement will not only improve safety but also enhance the aesthetics of the events space, held adjacent to the Resilience Centre on Russell Island.

The installation is expected to be completed before the upcoming LUMI festival, adding a touch of brilliance to our surroundings.

The new Executive Committee of BIMSARA is President - Ros Stiles; Treasurer -  Dee Robèrt; Secretary -  Trish Hampstead; Vice Secretary -  Dee Quinn; Voting Members: Glenda Arthur & Dave Penman

The organisation is actively seeking a vice-president. If you or someone you know is passionate about community development and leadership, please reach out.

BIMSARA’s main role is to provide collective group insurance and auspicing for small island groups and organisations. A new fee structure has been put in place for this purpose.

If you have any queries about the new fee structure, please contact Dee Robèrt at 

Any groups applying for grants need to contact BIMSARA secretary secretary – Trish Hampstead at  

• BIMSARA president Ros Stiles.


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May 08

Update: we have a new Vice President - Champion competition swimmer Damon Kendrick. Dave Penman had resigned his position Australia Day - Bay Islands Family Fun Day voting member. Beatz on the Bay have formed the beginnings of a very experienced and exciting team. The 1st Annual SMBI Music & Ciltural Festival - Beatz on the Bay will be held across DMBI during the 31st of July and the 1st &2nd of August 2025. All interested parties please contact us - until we get our dedicated website and email address.

Ros Stiles - president BIMSARA

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