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Bob Turner’s Fisherman’s Shack Art

FOLLOW THE WINDING, CURVING PATH DIRECT TO JOCK KENNEDY PARK! Islanders are in for somewhat of a surprise with the unheralded development of a definitely interesting winding pathway on Russell Island. The new pathway goes hand-in-hand with the recent opening of the new Russell Island jetty terminal. Visitors and locals alike can take the track that winds through a beautiful area of the island to the nearby Jock Kennedy Park. Along the way, the scenery definitely gets interesting. Russell Island artists and ideas man, Bob Turner, is full of praise for this long and winding road; or should we say the Yellow Brick Road! “I am not always complimentary of some of Redland City Council’s design efforts around public spaces, but this new track is definitely a winner in my book!” Bob Turner told The Friendly Bay Islander. The track starts just up from the new ferry terminal in Bayview Road. It then offshoots into some beautiful tropical bushland, crossing a lovely creek and small bridge, makes some sweeping and very attractive curves, until it passes under a magnificent mango tree. This passes by Bob Turner’s Fisherman’s Shack Art establishment where Bob conducts at weekends some pretty interesting art classes in a variety of mediums. Here the track links up with Douglas Street and, hey presto! You are at the Jock Kennedy Recreation Reserve where there is plenty of space, lovely picnic grounds and community BBQ facilities. Bob Turner reckons the ‘style and sweeping curves’ of the pathway are a real feature. “it is now a lovely walk from the new ferry terminal to Jock Kennedy Park, and one which I believe many islanders will get to enjoy” And so say all of us!

• Bob Turner outside his Fisherman’s Shack Art.


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14 มี.ค. 2566

Pity there’s no mention of the enormous amount of work the Russell Island Bushcare volunteers have done over the years rehabilitating the areas along this pathway, including removing loads of weeds and planting food trees for our vulnerable glossy black cockatoos. There’s even an interpretive sign explaining the project which you seem to have ignored

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