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KIM AND FOOD TRUCK NIGHT NINJAS BRINGING WEEKLY BREAKFAST TO ISLAND STUDENTS A spectacular group called the ‘Night Ninjas’ is providing breakfast for island students at the Weinam Creek terminal each Thursday morning. The idea is the brainchild of State Member for Redlands, Kim Richards. Kim was aware that many students often head off to school without having a proper breakfast, for whatever reason. Kim told The Friendly Bay Islander: “ Night Ninjas have been fantastic in agreeing to join with me to do a weekly breakfast at the Redland Bay Marina for our island students heading to school.” She further explained: “At the Night Ninja Christmas homelessness night feed that I attended they told me that they needed a BBQ and I was happy to be able to provide them with one. “In that conversation I asked them if they would ever consider doing a morning breakfast for our island students of pancakes on the new BBQ? “They agreed instantly, so we’ve started this year with Thursday morning pancake breakfasts with juice, fruit and muesli bars.” It has gone down a real treat with the students and Kim is so grateful to Night Ninjas Gary, Becky, Kym and Jason volunteering each week providing their truck and volunteers – they are amazing. Kim provides the pancake mix, fruit, juice and muesli bars. The Night Ninjas Incorporated is a Not-For-Profit Organisation of around 40 dedicated volunteers focused on helping people experiencing homelessness and those who are living close to or below the poverty line. Currently they concentrate their efforts in the Redland City area. They receive clothing, blankets, food and other essentials from our generous donors and deliver them directly where they are needed. Night Ninjas provides a Night Feed from their van on Monday nights at Bloomfield Street Park in Cleveland and breakfasts on Thursday mornings at Redland Bay Marina. Their Day Call Out Teams operate Monday to Friday providing food hampers, tents, sleeping bags, clothing and essential items to those in need.

• Kim Richards with some of the Night Ninjas team at the marina.

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