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RUSSELL ISLAND $2 MILLION CAR PARK COMPLETED! The $2 million car park on Russell Island is now completed. The three-stage project started earlier this year with the largest (75 parking spots) and first section completed three months ago, followed by the centre 44 car park section. The final section in front of the terminal has only a handful of car parks for the general public with most set aside for specialist-use car parking. There are also motor cycle spaces and electric car charging stations and emergency services parking spaces in this area. Overall the new car park provides parking for approximately 130 cars. Part of the work involved the adjustment of lighting and some services in the area. What not generally known is that at any given time on Russell Island, there are more than 400 cars parked within 200 metres of the ferry terminal. The entire car park was funded by Redland City Council with council workers and contractors involved in the construction o the whole project.

• The final stage of the car park completed.



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