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COUNCIL SEEKS PAUSE ON PROPOSED CITY PLAN AMENDMENT FOR MINJERRIBAH Redland City Council will issue a pause notice and request the State Government provide additional information to address public and Council concerns on proposed City Plan amendments on Minjerribah/North Stradbroke Island. Division 2 Councillor Peter Mitchell said council’s decision followed public consultation on the amendment package that reflected a Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) introduced by the State Government in September 2020 to support the land aspirations of the Quandamooka People. “The TLPI applies zone changes to 25 lots on Minjerribah and suspends the operation of City Plan over these parcels of land,” Cr Mitchell said. “Public consultation was undertaken as part of a Ministerial Direction from the Planning Minister to incorporate the TLPI land zonings and assessment provisions into City Plan. “We received 528 submissions and the majority raised concerns with the proposed amendment, including detailed concerns about infrastructure, fire and flooding risks and environmental risks. “Unfortunately, Council officers have been unable to adequately address most matters as they require some more information from the State Government, and the fact that changing the amendment would result in outcomes inconsistent with the TLPI and Ministerial Direction.” Cr Mitchell said Council also had reservations with progressing the amendment without further information. “Council is inviting the Deputy Premier and Planning Minister as well as senior departmental officers to meet with the Mayor and Councillors to discuss background studies and investigations they may have available to help progress this important amendment. “This includes studies on planning and infrastructure, fire management, environment and ecological studies or studies relating to natural hazards such as flooding and storm tide, landslides and erosion. “Such information is considered critical for both Council and the community in understanding how 25 lots, predominantly zoned conservation and recreation and open space, have been selected to accommodate future residential and other urban uses.” The pause notice timeframe will be 90 days, to give the State Government time to provide further information and Council time to prepare for and undertake a second round of public consultation after receipt of the additional information from the State Government. Council also requested the Deputy Premier and Planning Minister consider amending the TLPI to incorporate additional provisions that limit the clearing of asset protection buffers.At least until such time that development applications have been lodged and approved on these specific land parcels.’' ALFRED MARTIN WAY CAUSEWAY NOW OPEN The causeway connecting Alfred Martin Way to Main Beach on North Stradbroke Island/Minjerribah has re-opened as a ford (water) crossing. Water remains over the causeway – users are asked to be safe, sensible and to follow signage. Drivers should check water levels and ensure their vehicle is suited to safely cross. To avoid further road damage and closures, road users should drive through slowly. The causeway had been closed due to flood damage caused by the severe weather event earlier this year. Further repair works will take place in coming months (weather permitting).



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