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When you ply the waters of Moreton Bay day-after-day, you get to notice things many other people might overlook.

Sealink barge friends master Steven Cox and deck hands Brad Farrimond and Cody Hislop began to notice from their water vantage point, the amount of rubbish around our foreshores.

It wasn’t just the islands, it was even worse on the mainland foreshore.

Steven mentioned to Brad and Cody one day that they ought to do something about it.

So they did!

They have established Coastal Scavengers and have already started cleaning up around our islands and mainland foreshore, rivers and creeks.

Brad Farrimond said the group had made sure, before they started, that they obtained the right licensing and approvals and geared themselves up with the right equipment to do the job.

They have even established a Coastal Scavengers loyal supporters program where, for a small donation each month, supporters gain some handy bonuses. The program has provided them with some funds to purchase equipment and to legally establish themselves.

“We are very thankful for the support and these early days have given us some direction on how to refine our operation,” Brad told The Friendly Bay Islander.

The three see Coastal Scavengers having a bright future and it all has to do with a huge amount of trash that has accumulated on our foreshores.

“It is amazing some of the stuff people have thrown away on the shoreline, or has floated down our river systems into the bay," Brad added.

So far the three, who have 35 years of marine experience between them, have collected several tonnes of rubbish and have appropriately disposed of it.

Plenty of fridges, bikes, 44 gallon drums, heaps of plastic in bags and containers and even a park bench!

Then there is the aftermath of fishing including bags of bait and so many glass bottle stubbies.

The trio were also amazed at the number of syringes that were on the foreshore.

“They tend to float for a while before sinking,” Brad said.

Everything the trio have done to this point of time has been on a voluntary basis.

They set aside several days per month to go out and clean up and so far have covered all the southern islands and fair bit of the mainland southern foreshore, including some creeks and riverbanks.

There is more to go and more rubbish replacing the old, so where to from here.

They know more specialist equipment is required but have done well to this point.

Coastal Scavengers have a few options but believe that their initiative should spread further along our coastlines and are looking at ways to do that in the future.

If you want to know more about the group or join the support program by making a regular small donation, you can go to coastal

• Cody, Steve and Brad headed to another scavenge on Moreton Bay



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