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Club Macleay


The chance finding of some old photographs by Club Macleay manager Julie Brooks, has proven to be quite fortuitous.

The photos are a file that show the club prior to its change to its present configuration.

“The give an accurate assessment of what happened at that time, and a look at the dimensions of the original club building,” Julie said.

There are a range of pictures that show both inside and out of the old and newer club premises, then known as the Macleay Island Bowls Club.

Julie said the images are ‘significant’ and now they have been located, need to be preserved in some form.

There is going to be a complete ‘makeover’ of Club Macleay in the near future.

The works could cost in excess of $1 million and involve a new facade, an internal lift and a major 10 metre extension right across the building overlooking the water, and more.

“That’s why the finding of the old photos of the early expansion are so important.

“They are important part of the club’s history, and they now need to be preserved in a special way,” Julie said.

She added” Our Club started moderately in the Island’s Progress Hall in 1968. Thanks to the efforts of its members and assistance from Redland Shire (now City) Council, a clubhouse was built on the north-western foreshore in 1986.

“It has been extended and improved many time since and throughout has served as Macleay Island’s premier dining and entertainment venue with a strong community focus.”

Club president Barry Reid says the club in its ‘earliest form’ was extremely popular with island residents and members and is remembered fondly by many ‘old hands’.

“It didn’t take long for it to catch on. Old hands remember that it was often packed to the rafters,” Barry said.

The Macleay Island Bowls Club, however, was first affiliated with Bowls Queensland in 1968 when the island only had around 80 residents.

It is easy to see the boundary of the original club on entering Club Macleay today. A row of metal posts just inside the entry door that support the structure was the water side boundary of the original club premises.

The photos of this extension are what have been recently re-discovered.

Julie Brooks says the old images could be part of a special ‘collage’ in the forthcoming upgrade of the club.

“They would make a lovely historical display in some form, perhaps a collage of history wall,” she said.

It is interesting to note that newcomers and visitors usually form their most lasting and favourable impression of the Bay Islands through their experience at Club Macleay.

“With our bowling green situated right on the waters edge, bowlers can enjoy playing whilst watching the sunset, Julie Brooke added.

• Some photos of the upgrade of the club to its presents size.



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