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ISLAND ‘COMFORT TOYS’ TO AID AMBULANCE AND OTHERS The popular Macleay Island Craft Group is at it again. The group meet on Mondays at the Macleay Island Community Hall and work on projects and individual craft pieces, learning new and some long-lost skills in the process. The latest is the making of ‘comfort toys’ for those islanders less fortunate. The comfort toys are mostly small dolls made from wool and stuffing. The majority of them are being produced for the Macleay Island Ambulance Service. These lovely little figures will be used to pass onto sick island children or islanders with dementia when they are being transported to and from hospital. The craft group have come up with quite an array of clever dolls that are definitely ‘cute’. We happen to know that the ambulance stations on both Macleay and Russell Islands would appreciate receiving donations of similar like-minded toys. The Macleay Island Craft Group recently completed another major project that involved making a ‘love rug’ for the people of Lismore, following their devastating floods several months ago. So successful was the work, that it is now being exhibited pride-of-place at the Lismore Art Gallery!

• Macleay Craft Group members at their craft ambulance contributions

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