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ART COLLECTIVE MAKING A COMMUNITY ARTISTIC DIFFERENCE ON OUR ISLANDS A group making a difference on our islands is the Art Collective. They were formed in 2021 by four established and emerging SMBI visual artists, co-ordinated by Eve Newsome. The ‘Collective’ came about with a view to working on community projects in an artistic manner. The Island Art Collective aims to enliven island public spaces with outdoor murals and other art-work based on SMBI environment and history. The first mural project received funding from the Regional Arts Development Fund, a partnership between the Queensland Government and Redland City Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland. It involved planning and painting a mural of over-sized garden tools on the Kitchen Garden Shed and a landscape scene depicting the native trees and animals of Karragarra Island on the Fruit Forest Shed in the Karragarra Community Garden, Karragarra Island. The murals have been designed with creative input from four Island Art Collective artists along with volunteers from the Community Garden and has developed the creative skills of everyone involved resulting in inspiring art-works visible to both locals and visitors. With that project now completed, the Art Collective have more on the ‘drawing board’ for projects in 2023.

• The artists and the murals on Karragarra Island.


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