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RICARTS ARTISTS GIVE COMMUNITY GARDEN AN ARTISTIC BOOST! Six RICArt's artists have contributed art works for the Russell Island Community Garden work shed. These artworks were commissioned by the Community Garden to brighten up the exterior of their work shed and the artwork was provided free of charge by the artists. It is great seeing two community groups working together in such a way. Fortunately, the two groups are ‘neighbours’ at ‘The Farm’, Russell Island, once an avocado farm. It is one of the most picturesque spots on the island where Rosie’s popular Island Beans Coffee Kart is also located. The Community Garden is an attraction in its own right, so it is not surprise to see such a collaboration by two popular Russell Island groups. The artworks can be viewed on Market Days and Sunday mornings when the gardens are open to the public.

The artists involved are pictured with their works in front of the community garden shed. L-R Janice Maxwell, Trudy Berry, Esther Baklis, Bella Curlew, Mandy Pearson (Chris O’Connor not in pic).



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