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MACLEAY ISLAND’S CONNOR MITCHELL (6) WINS NATIONAL LUNCHBOX DESIGN COMPETITION A talented six-year-old from Macleay Island, has taken out a national Golden Circle lunchbox-of-the-future design competition. The purpose of the competition to award and encourage imagination in young people to reimagine the humble lunchbox with the help of AI. Connor Mitchell from Macleay Island in Queensland included in his design a heating and refrigerated section to store food, and an in-built music player held within an airtight pocket constructed to look like an iconic building block. His winning design was chosen following a public competition that saw more than 1000 votes from across the country to choose the ultimate lunchbox design of the future, following research* that revealed 87% of parents say their child is often or sometimes bored with their school lunchbox items. With the help of AI, Golden Circle created mock-ups of the three shortlisted designs which were then put to the public to have their say, and it was decided that Connor’s design was the people’s choice. When asked about what this meant to Connor, his mother Sheree said:We’re absolutely thrilled and incredibly proud that Connor won the Golden Circle Refreshers lunchbox competition. “What an incredible experience to see his vision come to life. His friends are so impressed and now want one of their own!” Golden Circle CMO Rebecca Preston shared: “We were overwhelmed by the creativity of Australian children. A child's imagination really has no limits – we saw lunchbox designs including disco balls, unicorns and monster trucks! There were so many amazing entries, so we were very happy the public had to make the final call. “We want to thank everyone who entered and for bringing us some really wonderful lunchtime joy, we hope Connor loves owning his very own one-off design, and impresses all his friends with the coolest lunchbox in the playground.” For his win, Aussie received a finished lunch box of his design; the only one that has been made, amazingly! If you want to look at the incredible winning design, you can head over to Golden Circle Instagram to see it in its entirety. For more information about Golden Circle, please head to

• Aussie Connor and his mum Sheree and his winning AI lunch box.



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