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PROPERTY OWNERS FRIGHTENED OF CONTINUAL EMBANKMENT EROSION ADJACENT TO MACLEAY ISLAND BARGE RAMP The embankment adjacent to the barge ramp on Macleay Island is progressively collapsing, and has been for some years. Adjacent property owners say at least 15 metres of embankment has been lost. Despite pleas to Redland City Council and the State Government their requests for ‘something to be done’ has fallen on deaf ears. From what the Friendly Bay Islander understands, the foreshore land in front of their properties is owned by the State Government but is managed by Redland City Council. It is obvious that if nothing is done soon, the erosion is just going to get worse as water traffic is rapidly increasing as island population continues to soar. Currently there are approximately 110 movements a day from barges and passenger ferries adjacent to the hilly area. All send unnatural waves into the embankment. Property owners Jim Annan and Shane Hatchett have canvassed both council and the State Government, with no possible solution in sight. The boundaries to both of their adjoining blocks are at the top of the embankment. The latest landslip caused by unnatural wave erosion has reached Shane Hatchett’s block with over one metre of his block now gone. It could happen at any time to the Annan family block, with the family home’s verandah in the firing line. Shane Hatchett believes the water traffic in the close proximity would equal some major Australian port installations. “This is just a small island with a huge amount of water traffic and a wall of rock and land that is an easy, unprotected target. “To have such water activity in this location is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Jim Annan says he has made multiple complaints over the years. “It seems no-one wants to take responsibility.” One of the early replies to the erosion from one to these complaints; “It is natural erosion and a force of nature”. The property owners were told the ‘next review’ of the situation would be in the year 2040! They say that the situation has become ‘critical’ and it is now beyond excuses and ducking responsibility. “Something needs to be done now,” they both said. The Friendly Bay Islander has reached out to Cr Mark Edwards and Redland City Council. Cr Edwards says he has brought the matter to council’s attention on a ‘number of occasions’. “I have done as much as I am able to do.” A spokesperson for Redland City Council is yet to get back to The Friendly Bay Islander, but has promised to do so.

• The Annans on their deck with a Sealink Barge below



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