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COOCHIE INVADED BY PIRATES! Caution!!! Some of these photos are rated AAAARRRRGGGGHH !!!! Once again Pirate island with all its fun and havoc came to Coochie for the September markets. Local junior brigands boarded and commandeered the Mini Moke THE JOLLY ROGER and they had a ton of fun in the process although they were not allowed to keep the Moke! A bigger and older version of the pirates dressed up for the day and posed for a photo before resuming their looting and pillaging! A regular and popular visitor to Coochie is a young disabled young man named Saxon. He loves the island and even more he loves a colourful event so Pirate Island day was a perfect outing for him.And his caring family even went to a great deal of effort to dress up his wheel chair appropriately. Go Saxon



• PIRATE DAY PRAM FAMILY ADAIRE TO EXPLORE COOCHIE! Popular island identity Adaire Palmer who lives on her catamaran off Coochie recently had a South Australian friend Mary visit the island. There is no better way to see our little piece of Paradise than by bicycle and in true form locals came up with a pair of bikes for the duo. The big smiles on their faces tells the rest of the story! PHOTO: Adaire and her friend Mary on wheels!

WILDLIFE CORNER Not only is Coochie a world renowned home of bird and marine life, but another less visible population is in our reptiles. Carpet snakes are common on the island and are seen regularly along with a wide variety of frogs. But lesser known, and equally fascinating among our reptiles are the Blue Tongue Lizards which appear from time to time. The subject of all sorts of theories and stories on their abilities and habits, they are beautiful and fascinating creatures and it is rare to see a pair together like in this photo. PHOTO: tTwo Blue Tongue lizards discuss the day.



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