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THROUGH RAIN AND SLEET AND THE ODD FLURRY OF SNOW! The wild weather front of December provided a challenge to Coochie residents as they moved on and off the island. High winds and huge swells caused the cancellation of all barges on Sunday 13th December but the intrepid ferry crew maintained their regular service despite this inclement weather which battered the Coochie jetty as seen in this shot.

NOTHING SLOWS DOWN SANTA'S LITTLE HELPERS! Living up to their well deserved reputation as merry men and havoc makers local Coochiemudlo Island ferry crew members Gary and TJ were quick to grasp the concept of Christmas festivities and donned their Elfin garb much to the appreciation of locals. Coochie's ferry crews are well known for being a part of the fun in dressing up for festive occasions, football finals and just about any excuse! • The Xmas ferry crew!

NOWHERE ELSE BUT COOCHIE! Coochie is well known for its quirky animals, quirky cars and even quirkier characters. But where else in the world would you see a local taking a collection of pets for a walk like this group of a donkey, sheep and goat out for a stroll. • Donkey Sheep goat walk.

CHRISTMAS TOY RUN FOR KIDS! Coochiemudlians are well known for their generosity and rising to the occasion when the less fortunate are in need. 2020 has been an horrendous year with probably more than the usual number of families doing if tough. To aid these people Coochie locals held a motorcycle toy run recently and raised an initial amount of $274 towards the cause with more promised. The $274 raised is to be used to buy toys for the kids in the Brisbane Children's Hospital. There was quite a variety of bikes involved ranging from the heavy road bikes to the Postie special and even a few "Hardly Davidsons" joining in!



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