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Redland City Council is inviting the community to have its say on temporary commercial activities proposed for a limited number of Redlands Coast managed park reserves.

Mayor Karen Williams said consultation was an important step in Council’s commitment to supporting sustainable levels of commercial activity for the identified public park reserves.

“Council supports a range of temporary commercial uses to help create vibrant neighbourhoods and communities,” she said.

“This includes activities such as personal fitness training, mobile food and beverage vehicles, hire of recreation equipment, low key entertainment and tourist-based activities.

“Where the State owns the park reserve, Council is required to seek approval to use the land for these secondary purposes, through a Land Management Plan.

“At this stage 31 State reserves, where Council is the trustee, have been identified as potentially suitable for temporary commercial activities.

“They are on the mainland and islands.”

“Our Draft Land Management Plan is about activating parks and open spaces,” she said.

The proposed commercial activities include:

· Personal fitness training, ‘learn to’ and coaching programs.

· Mobile food and beverage vehicles.

· Hire of recreation equipment (watercraft, bikes, scooters).

· Entertainment (busking, face painting, magicians, jumping castles, mobile animal petting and entertainers for small events and celebrations).

· Tourist-based activities (canoe and kayak tours).

To make a formal submission and for information on the proposal, visit Council’s Your Say Redlands Coast website.

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