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The Bay islands Multi Sports and Recreation Association has come up with a solution for a Covid 19 compliance on our islands.

BIMSARA can now supply individual QR Bar Codes to SMBI community groups.

It came to a head on 17 December 2020, when Queensland’s declared public health emergency for COVID-19 was extended to 11:59pm on Wednesday 31 March 2021.

To comply with the updated Covid -19 regulations, Bay Islands Multi Sports and Recreation Association has requested all their clubs who are required to keep contact details, use bar codes electronically and move away from paper-based record keeping.

The current Covid Safe plans that were provided by BIMSARA for various indoor and outdoor activities remain in place at least until the end of March.

To assist all their clubs and groups, BIMSARA has purchased software to allow the printing of individual bar codes unique to each club or group, that have been provided at no charge.

The Bar Codes record electronically the details of each person’s log in details when they scan the Bar Code provided by each group.

The information is stored under password protection, which can only be accessed by the BIMSARA Treasurer, Glynis Enright. This information is not provided to any third party except for Queensland Health, if and when requested for contact tracing.

As a community service, any other not-for-profit club or group who is required to keep contact details and would like to have a QR Bar Code generated in their name. please contact Glynis, by amail:

This is a free service to help groups navigate the complexity of Covid rules and regulations.

Those people who are not able to sign in electronically, or in the event of no phone service, paper contact sign-in’s are accepted.

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