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EARLY LEARNING MURAL CELEBRATES ISLAND FAMILIES A community mural designed and painted by renowned island resident artist, Darren Golbey, now takes pride of place on the fascia of the Early Learning Centre at 172 High Central Road, Macleay Island. The mural depicts our unique island lifestyle, natural beauty, what our community members value about our early learning community, and was modelled on images collected of ‘real life’ island residents, children and families. The mural is in celebration and recognition of the early education team at Bay Island Early Learning and Care, being the birth place of the 2017-2020 SMBI Families We Are Listening initiative, The original initiative has since moved on to become it’s own separate entity, now SMBI Listeners Inc, to further represent the SMBI Community. Owner and operator of the Early Learning Centre and long-term island resident, Petrae McLean, told The Friendly Bay Islander: “SMBI families we are always listening and we will continue to advocate for and strive to achieve the best possible holistic outcomes for our island children and their families. “It is not possible to separate the passion and advocacy for our youngest citizens from our island early years educators as this is at the very core of why we choose to fulfil this role in our community.” The mural was painted by Darren recently and is located prominently on the front of he building for all to enjoy. Darren said: “This is not the first mural I have done for the Early Learning Centre, but it is very significant.”

• Petrae McLean, Darren Goleby, staff and heaps of happy Early Learning children in front of the new mural.



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