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Economy Forum

Council hosts free Circular Economy Forum for businesses

Redland City Council is hosting a free forum to help local businesses gain an understanding of the opportunities and challenges involved in embracing a circular economy model. Mayor Karen Williams said the inaugural Redlands Coast Circular Economy Forum, supported by Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce, would be held on Friday 8 September 2023 at Alexandra Hills Conference Centre. “The circular economy is one where materials and products are recirculated for as long as possible, and the more we recycle, reuse and recover, the less waste needs to go to landfill,” Cr Williams said. “Council recognises the benefits of a circular economy on Redlands Coast and its merits for delivering on the strategic objectives of a sustainable, vibrant, and resilient city. “This support is embedded in our Corporate Plan, promoting collaboration with community, industry, local businesses, and entrepreneurs to realise opportunities in the circular economy.” Cr Williams said Council was committed to leading the way towards a circular economy on Redlands Coast. “One way we are achieving this is through the use of recycled products to resurface a number of local roads,” she said. “This includes the use of an innovative asphalt product containing reclaimed plastics, a crumbed rubber blended bitumen that repurposed used tyres, and the re-use of profilings – the waste by-product collected when roads are resealed – in place of gravel. “These are all very exciting projects and I’m equally excited to see how our local businesses can benefit from joining the circular economy. “This inaugural forum aims to provide businesses with the information they need to keep their obsolete products from landfill. “One solution could be to sell their product to another business to refashion or recycle, and potentially opening up a new revenue stream.” The Redlands Coast Circular Economy Forum will include a panel featuring keynote speaker Dr Joan Prummel, the Dutch government’s International Circular Economy Advisor, who will share his knowledge and experience in stimulating and accelerating the circular economy. The forum will be held from 12.30pm-2pm on Friday 8 September. RSVP by 6 September on Eventbrite. Places are limited.



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