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Member for Bowman, Andrew Laming’s political career is supposed to be over.

First signalled by Prime Minister Scott Morrison following allegations of ‘inappropriate behaviour’ involving two female local constituents and a photograph that was taken at a Redlands nursery, the MP has since been battered from pillar to post to ensure that he never sees the light of public representation again.

Regarding the ‘inappropriate behaviour’ in relation to the photograph taken, police investigated and declared that Dr Laming had no case to answer.

Others joined the attacks, including State Labor MPs Kim Richards and Don Brown, who detailed several online incidents.

After making a statement to Parliament to apologise for his ‘behaviour’, it is believed Dr Laming thought the situation had ‘subsided’.

He still intended to nominate as the LNP candidate for the seat of Bowman.

It was then that the Queensland Liberal National Party acted to formally block the backbencher from re-contesting the seat of Bowman in the next federal election.

A party spokesperson said Dr Laming's candidacy for preselection was denied after he met with the party's Applicant Review Committee (ARC).

"The LNP's State Executive has accepted the ARC's recommendation that Dr Laming not proceed as a candidate and has reopened nominations for the seat of Bowman," he said.

Last month, Dr Laming announced he would not contest the seat he's held since 2004, but did not formally withdraw his application before the review process.

The veteran MP is on medical leave for empathy training and counselling after the harassment allegations involving female constituents came to light.

The Australian Electoral Commission is also investigating Dr Laming for potential breaches of electoral law after the ‘Guardian’ reported he was behind more than 30 pages that pushed out Coalition messaging under the guise of community news groups.

We are sure he is not the only politician involved in that activity.

It should also be noted that in relation to all other complaints made via the media, no ‘official complaints’ have been lodged other than the photograph incident, which was quickly dismissed by investigating police.

Ironically, the battered, long-standing and determined Member for Bowman will remain as our representative until the next Federal Election.

While not wanting Dr Laming in the next Parliament, the Federal Government did not demand that he be immediately ‘sacked’, wishing to avoid a bi-election which could make life difficult for the Morrison Government.

Perhaps our beleaguered Prime Minister wants to have his cake and eat it too!

With so many blows and possible end-of-career in sight, Dr Laming could make things more than difficult for the Parliament in the coming months, if he wanted to.

But what if he stays the course and continues to support the Government as a loyal party member of the LNP?

We shall watch with interest!

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