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The Friendly Bay Islander is re-introducing its Domestic Violence poster campaign.

We developed the program successfully several years ago, and we believe our island community needs ‘reminding’.

Domestic Violence is still one of the biggest issues in society generally.

There have been some major examples in recent times of some dreadful murders and assaults involving Domestic Violence.

Latest Queensland figures reveal police are responding on average to more than 400 cases a day.

We know on our islands that it is still one of the most prevalent issues that are attended by island police.

The Friendly Bay Islander believes if you can’t prevent Domestic Violence one way, then why not try another direction.

Our poster campaign is based on a form of public humiliation.

If enough island perpetrators of Domestic Violence see our special posters on the issue, perhaps they may eventually be ‘embarrassed’ enough to stop their verbal and physical abuse.

Certainly they can’t look at the posters without feeling some form of embarrassment.

The Friendly Bay Islander has been joined in this new campaign by the Bay Islands Chamber of Commerce, MP Kim Richards, and Division 5 Redlands Councillor Shane Rendalls.

Chamber president Dan Golin has been instrumental in several areas of island concerns, leading the way in addressing bad behaviour at island clubs and pubs.

“Domestic Violence is a problem that needs to be addressed at every level, and the Chamber is pleased to support this poster campaign,” Dan Golin said.

Kim Richards is a long-time supporter of any Domestic Violence initiatives.

“It is a problem for very community, and education at every level is required.

“The poster campaign for the islands really hits the mark and is a stark reminder to perpetrators to think and stop their coercive and harmful behaviour.”

Divison 5 Councillor Shane Rendalls is ‘all for’ the latest poster campaign.

“The more messages around the islands the better,” he said.

“Domestic Violence is a community issue that needs to be addressed by all sectors or society,” he added.

If you want one of the posters, we can forward them to you by email. Just give us a call!



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