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Despite a critical situation and chances of an imminent embankment collapse, it is apparent it will be some time before the major erosion of the Macleay Island foreshore can be corrected.

Two levels of Government are involved in the process.

The land in question where the erosion is occurring just metres from the Macleay Island barge ramp, is owned by the Queensland State Government.

However, the Redland City Council is responsible for any works carried out.

Redland City Council has requested the appropriate officers of council to come up with a design for the works.

The council recently moved: “Council has a proposed budget for the financial year 2023-2024 for the detailed design of foreshore protection at Macleay Island.” This was passed at the recent council budget in June.

Division 5 Councillor Mark Edwards explained further the process: “So what happens is a budget is allocated for the engineers to design an affordable and effective solution and this then leads on to an estimation from officers to how much this may cost.

“There is also a factoring of what approvals, permits and studies may need to take place. (Environmental impact, cultural heritage etc)

“Once this has been done for any project, it can come back to Council either as an annual budget line item or a budget review item, “ the councillor said.

Further, he added: “Budgets are reviewed several times in the year and projects can be added or withdrawn.

“In other words the budget is a “living” document that can vary at any time in the interest of the Redlands.”

Cr Edwards says the other ‘difficulty’ is that whatever concept and designs that are forthcoming, they will have to be approved by the State Government.

Whether a temporary measure or a permanent, the State Government has to give approval.

Cr Edwards believes it would be ‘more efficient to implement a permanent solution rather than duplicate two processes.

The councillor says he believes council may be prepared to add the project via a ‘budget review’ item for immediate implementation.

The Friendly Bay Islander has further approached council and asked for a possible timeline.

CANAIPA ISLAND Islanders have a final chance to support a name change of Russell Island to Canaipa Island Results from an official survey so far being conducted by Member for Redlands, Kim Richards, is heavily in favour of the name change. The survey is still open for feedback and will close on 31 August 2023. Discussions will then progress to the Minister for Natural Resources with the results. Currently the survey is sitting at 66.7% in favour of the name change from 484 respondents.



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