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REDLANDS POPULATION IS MOVING SOUTH The Redlands as we know it and the islands, as we know them, are undergoing the most dramatic and unchangeable new direction in their history. Major infrastructure projects and new subdivisions are seeing a major population growth shift. And the islands are making a contribution with major and record land sales and home building growth. Weinam Creek major Priority Development Area and the Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area will be definite contributors to the growth, serving as major ‘beacons’ for tourism and commercial growth. Throw in the major Shoreline development south of Redland Bay, and we rest our case! Shoreline has started its first stage (on the right on the road out of Redland Bay to the Gold Coast) and we can tell you that this first stage is already sold out. Over the road, work is already underway on the second stage as well as a major retirement village to start soon. When Shoreline is developed all the way to the waterfront, the major subdivision will become a new Redlands community of 10,000 people. Weinam Creek and Toondah Harbour will serve as popular attractions to these newcomers, and it is highly likely that Redland Bay and the Weinam Creek PDA will become the business and community hub of the Redlands. It it does, it holds significant ramifications for our islands, and for Redland City Council. Just as Toondah Harbour will impact North Stradbroke Island; the new Weinam Creek will impact the Southern Moreton Bay Islands. Firstly, as a new ‘front door’ to those island communities and ‘opening up’ the islands to more interest and possible growth. As far as Redland City Council goes, it is a ‘cash cow’ in the making. So many more ratepayers and building and development fees to collect. With all of this renewed interest in the ‘southern end’ of the Redlands Coast and with more interest in moving to our climes from the Southern States, it means a huge adjustment for the once ‘quiet’ end of the Coast. Property values on our islands, are already on the increase, and will continue to grow. Don’t be surprised in a few short years the islands will have property parity with the currently much higher mainland housing prices. And don’t be surprised that major adjustments and additions will need to be made to the parking station for island and visiting vehicles at Weinam Creek! TIME N TIDE JULY 2021 THE BUDGET AND OUR ISLANDS Islanders will be pleased to know that $10 million in projects that benefit the islands and the mainland is in the Redland City Council 2021-22 budget.. Five times more money per person has been allocated to the islands than the mainland in this budget. Assuming the islands’ population is 10,000 then $1,015 per person is being spent on direct new capital works programs. On the mainland there is less than $200 per person. There is an article in this edition that explains the budget in more detail however some of the highlights are; doubling of Council’s contribution of sealing roads to $2 million, nearly $3 million towards replacing the Macleay ferry terminal, and more. Clearly the budget this year makes up for the lack of island funding by councils of many years gone by! CALLS FOR STATE AND FEDERAL ROAD BUILDING FUNDING It will be remembered last year the State and Federal governments also came to the party for the first time to provide money for our island road sealing program. With fingers crossed, let’s hope they continue to make significant contributions. Read the special story in this edition from Cr Mark Edwards which explains the budget in detail. It is a MUST READ! The councillor makes the point that if we received other government funding it would be a brilliant year for our islands. Say so all of us! GLAD WE DON’T LIVE IN GUNDAGAI How’s this for a comparison. If you read the fine detail of Redland City Council’s budget, you will see the general rate increase in the Redlands is just 1.7%, possibly the smallest rate rise by any council in Australia. Compare this figure to the Gundagai Regional Council in NSW. It is an example of Councils that are not sustainable without massive rates increase. Gundagai has had to increase their rates by a whopping 53% ; how do you like them apples!! REDLANDS TO HOST 2032 OLYMPIC EVENTS? Redland City Mayor Karen Williams is pleased the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive has recommended Brisbane’s proposal be advanced to a full committee session vote expected ahead of the opening of the Games of the XXXII Olympiad in Tokyo on July 23. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced it would progress Brisbane’s proposal to host the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games to a full vote and that Redlands Coast was set to be the location for the canoe (slalom) events if it was endorsed. “A purpose-built Olympic-standard Redland Whitewater Centre is part of the integrated Redlands Coast Adventure Sports Precinct for which Birkdale Community Precinct on Old Cleveland Road East, Birkdale, is the preferred site,” Cr Williams said.It will also bring forward significant infrastructure, in particular, road, rail and bus projects for Redlands Coast.