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The outcome of the Redlands Council Local Government election has not been without some drama. New Mayor Jos Mitchell was elected thanks to a split in the vote for Andrew Laming and Cindy Corrie. Our new Mayor had a team going into the election, and it did not fare quite the way it was supposed to. Adelia Berridge, Jasper Every and Hilton Travis missed out, and Lance Hewlett scraped in to join Wendy Boglary and Paul Bishop who did not have to face an election because no candidate stood against them in Divisions 1 and 10. What it means is a split council, not necessarily in the favour of the new Mayor. It will be interesting to see how the new council works, despite claims of all being ‘independents’. Not necessarily so in reality, but let’s hope all councillors can see some common ground to get things ‘done’ rather than the usual ‘them and us’ cut and thrust.



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