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The LNP’s Henry Pike has comfortably won the seat of Bowman in the 2022 Federal Election, but he can’t thank our islands for his victory. Pike did follow the national trend somewhat, but not to the depths in the rest of Australia. At the time of writing this story, with only a handful of votes still to be counted, the LNP candidate had secured 42,907 votes or 55.13% to comfortably defeat Labor Bowman candidate Donisha Duff with 34,922 votes or 44.87% of the vote on a two-party preferred basis. The swing was -5.11 against the LNP, which still allowed for a comfortable victory, given that outgoing LNP and long-standing Member for Bowman, Andrew Laming, left the seat with a handy 10% plus margin. However, Henry Pike can thank the mainland for his victory, because he did not win one of the six islands of southern Moreton Bay. He told The Friendly Bay Islander: “I was relieved to get over the line and I thank the people of the islands and the Redlands who supported me. “I intend to be an active Federal Member of Parliament, and I wish to get to the know the islands and islanders, and will be visiting on a regular basis.” Member for Bowman Henry Pike hopes to bring his young family over to the islands to enjoy the coming LUMI Lantern event on Russell Island on Saturday, June 18. Only at one booth, Amity Point, did Henry Pike finish in front of Donisha Duff, 39.44% to 29.11% Everywhere else on the islands, Duff finished in front. It was a totally open field going into the election in Bowman, due to outgoing Member Andrew Laming’s ‘retirement’. The overall results (two-party preferred): Water Todd, One Nation: 5858 votes; 7.53% Mary-Jane Stevens, UAP: 5348, 6.87% Ian Mazlin, Greens: 10,191; 13.09% Henry Pike, LNP: 42,907, 55.13% Phil Johnson, TNL: 877, 1.13% Donisha Duff, ALP: 34,902, 44.87% The island booth results (two-party preferred; top two candidates): Amity Point: Henry Pike, LNP: 39.44%; Donisha Duff 29.11% Point Lookout: Henry Pike 49.32%; Donisha Duff 56.65% Dunwich: Henry Pike 47.22%; Donisha Duff 52.78% Coochiemudlo: Henry Pike 43.58%; Donisha Duff 56.42% Macleay Island: Henry Pike 47.19%; Donisha Duff 52.81% Russell Island: Henry Pike 25.77%; Donisha Duff 33.45% Lamb Island Mobile Booth: Not known at time of writing. The minor parties did quite well on the islands with the Greens obtaining 25.21% of the vote at Point Lookout and 19.37% at Coochiemudlo. The United Australia Party obtained more than 10% of the vote o Coochiemudlo and Russell Islands, with One Nation polling in excess of 7%

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