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ESTIMATED $750,000



A Development Application has been submitted to Redland City Council for the building of a revetment wall on the Macleay Island foreshore.

And the estimated of cost of the works is approximately $750,000 (excl. GST). 

The area in question is adjacent to the Macleay Island barge ramp and has been the subject of much comment and concern for some considerable time.

The Friendly Bay Islander has been reporting on the issue for the past two years with erosion from barge, ferries and private vessels having a huge impact on the area, with many metres of foreshore already ending up in Moreton Bay.

We have previously reported that Redland City Council had called for a specialist ‘report’ on the issue, stating in our February edition: “Council engaged a design consultant who has submitted design and permit applications to the Department, which is compliant with the timeframe applied by the Queensland Government.

“Council is continuing to work with the Queensland Department of Environment and Science to comply with their requirements,” the spokesperson said.

We also said at the time the design report ‘is unlikely to be publicly released’.

The situation is somewhat complicated because the land in question where the erosion is occurring just metres from the Macleay Island barge ramp, and is owned by the Queensland State Government.

However, the Redland City Council is responsible for any works carried out.

The Friendly Bay Islander has now discovered that the ‘report’ is currently the subject of a Development Application to Redland City Council.

The information was not submitted to us.

We found it by searching recent DA’s to council on its website.

It is Reference 23-029 titled SUPPORTING INFORMATION FOR PRESCRIBED TIDAL WORKS Coast Protection Works, Russell Terrace, Macleay Island.

It has been submitted to Redland City Council C/- Urban Catalyst 3 Pty Ltd via Daniel Willis, Sippy Downs.

The submission says it is for the construction of approximately 90m of rock revetment wall to combat ongoing active erosion.

The application says:“ This assessment has been prepared by Urban Catalyst 3 Pty Ltd for Redland City Council (Client).”

The purpose of the report says: “Redland City Council intend to construct a 90m rock revetment wall, extending east from the existing barge ramp located at the southern end of Macleay Island. 

“The rock revetment will assist in addressing active erosion along this stretch of the foreshore. 

“Ongoing erosion in this area has been attributed by the State to the use of the barge ramp and is currently undercutting the steep and elevated landward extents which poses a risk to public and private infrastructure in addition to threatening public safety.

“The proposed works must be undertaken as a matter of urgency to meet the requirements and associated deadlines of a Coastal Protection Notice issued by the Department of Environment and Science (DES) dated 23 June 2023. 

“The notice has been issued to undertake the proposed activities in order to protect coastal land and minimise erosion of the foreshore being exacerbated by the activities of the barge ramp.

“Urban Catalyst 3 was engaged to confirm the statutory approvals relating to planning and environmental matters for the works to proceed, to prepare necessary supporting documentation for respective applications and to obtain relevant approvals required for the works to facilitate the completion of the ‘for construction’ package.”

The report says the proposed revetment ties into the existing barge ramp where the erosion and undercutting begins. 

“The revetment extends to the east for a distance of approximately 90m over the portion of the foreshore currently being impacted by ongoing erosion, and the revetment terminates adjacent to an existing low sandstone wall where it ties into the existing slope of the land.”

The revetment works are intended to stabilise the foreshore in its current location and the alignment has therefore been defined to generally follow the existing erosion escarpment along the shoreline. 


The required Marine Parks permit and development applications for construction of a rock armour seawall on Macleay Island have been submitted to the Queensland Department of Environment and Science.

Council is waiting on a final decision from the Queensland Government application referral agencies.

Once the design and permits have been approved, Council can go out to tender for a contractor to construct the rock armour seawall.

Works are expected to start in the 2024-25 financial year, pending budget approval.

Council is also undertaking an options analysis to establish a plan for the long-term management of the foreshore in this location.



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