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There are people on our islands who do not have the best interests of our islands at heart.

They are involved in producing information that is false and misleading and is designed to create confusion and fear.

There have been two major instances of late in relation to the proposed Redlands Satellite Hospital at Weinam Creek, and deliberate misinformation about parking on the mainland perpetrated by the few disenfranchised who support a bridge to the islands.

Both issues have been addressed in this edition of your Friendly Bay Islander by Member for Redlands, Kim Richards, and Division 5 Councillor Mark Edwards in their columns.

A claim in a supposed ‘publication’ declared recently :Election promise upset: no hospital for Weinam Creek PDA”.

It gives air to people who have an agenda who want to cause harm to the Weinam PDA because they want a bridge to come to our islands when all levels of Government have stated IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

Kim Richards was angered and disappointed at the attempts to spread deliberate Fake News.

She said the ‘Fake News’ has been spread via an ‘unreliable source with no factual basis’, giving a mouthpiece to those who have an alternate and harmful agenda.

As you will read elsewhere in this edition, the $40 million satellite hospital at Weinam Creek is definitely going ahead.

Member for Redlands, Kim Richards, announced the new Satellite Hospital alongside Minister for Health and Deputy Premier, Steven Miles, prior to the recent State election.

Others have tried to ‘debunk’ the pre-election promise and have now been slapped down by Kim Richards.

The Satellite Hospital location within the Weinam Creek PDA is being negotiated between the State Government and the Redland Investment Corporation, a Redland City Council-owned subsidiary.

And it’s inclusion, along with possibly a major supermarket chain, will make the PDA a focal point along with the impressive walkways and gardens.

The Fake News just doesn’t end there.

Cr Edwards, in his column, has hit out at the false information being perpetrated by a small group who want a bridge to connect to our islands.

The councillor says: “Don’t believe those who argue that to destroy the development at Weinam Creek will get a bridge. They have a selfish agenda.

“And most of these people do not live our our islands. They have investment property that they perceive has not given them the ‘return’ they had thought likely.

“It’s Weinam Creek or nothing. You may read in social media or elsewhere about the number of car parks proposed.

“They will most likely fail to recognise the 500 extra car parks already delivered under the PDA and that multi-level car parks can be designed to add extra levels of parking as the need demands.”

He says: “Those giving voice to false and misleading information should be ashamed of themselves.

“Weinam Creek is an exciting development that will boast excellent amenities and design that will be a wonderful gateway to our islands.”

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