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MAKING A DIFFERENCE FOR KIDS ON RUSSELL ISLAND Every year our good friend Glynis Enright dons ‘a suit’ and pretends to be a judge for the annual grading of the Bay Islands Fitness Kids. Edith Abbas ( RI) is their doting coach and is a qualified gymnastics coach. She runs her Bay islands Fitness Kids classes at the Russell Island Recreation Hall. The active kids are children of all abilities with a program to suit. They learn dance, movement and gymnastics according to their age group. It is a great activity for island children and, importantly, keeps them active and busy and away from such distractions as online games, modules etc. All other children received a medal and certificate. After a dance performance kids enjoyed pizza and Ice cream. The judge selected all the champions and she was awesome! If you wish to find out more about Bay Island Fitness, you may call Edith on 0447 786 953.

• L-R Edith Abbas Coach, Kiarma Merchant (group 3 champion) Glynis Enright (judge) Ryan Arsene (group 2 Champion) and front Bliss Doherty (group 1 Champion).



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