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COUNCILLORS JOIN OCEAN CRUSADERS ON BIG ISLAND WATERWAYS CLEANUP Ocean Crusaders is a volunteering group that clean up waterways and trying to remove plastic and and all forms of waterways waste. hey remove a lot of flood rubbish that particularly gets caught up in the mangroves. Redland City Council recently provided Ocean Crusaders with a Community Conservation Grant so they could spend four days on our islands. Their efforts saw Deputy Mayor Julie Talty and Cr Mark Edwards join the very busy crew. On Day 1 they removed 1.32 ton of trash and 440kg of tyres from Garden Island. The next day they collected 1.32 tons from various southern Moreton Bay areas. On Day 3 they removed from Russell Island 1 ton of general rubbish and 29 tyres weighing 520kg. On Day 4 they went to Macleay and removed 1.5 tons of rubbish which again included many tyres. Ian Thomson established Ocean Crusaders in 2010 after seeing turtles killed by ocean waste. Much of the waste they remove they try to recycle and the tyres are repurposed for other things such as road materials. Ian’s number is 0412 932 808 and he is happy for you to give him a call.

Cr Mark Edwards and Deputy Mayor Julie Talty with Ian Thomson of Ocean Crusaders and some of the rubbish collected.



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