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Member for Redlands, Kim Richards, has given a strong indication that Macleay Island is to be upgraded to a four-man police station. Speaking about safety and security at a special meeting at Club Macleay in relation to pending Covid vaccination restrictions in late November, the MP commented that the Macleay Island police station would soon be upgraded to a ‘four-man’ police station. The comment came following questions from those attending from the island club industry and island organisations, that vaccination ‘policing’ at clubs and venues might require an extensive police involvement. Commenting, the Member for Redlands said: “In relation to police presence and activity on our islands, the Macleay Island police station is to be upgraded to a four-man station in the near future.” She said the upgrade would happen by June of this year. “Before it could happen, the department needed to obtain additional accommodation for the increase in island police officers. The likely increase in police numbers on Macleay Island follows the upgrade two years ago of the Russell Island police station to a four-man unit. This occurred following a damning 2017 coroner’s report that resulted from an accident in 2014 on the island that saw a young teenager killed after being hit by an inebriated driver on Centre Road whilst walking home. The coroner’s report said that Russell Island police numbers at the time was ‘inadequate’. The coroner’s report also resulted in footpath construction along the length of Centre Road by Redland City Council.