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Georgia Foster has set her sights on a new career.

The 21-year-old has taken on an apprenticeship with island excavation and heavy equipment owner John Bonett of JSBS Excavations.

She has joined a growing group in the Australian workforce of young women taking on jobs that were once regarded the domain of men.

That has posed no problems for Georgia.

“I have always been more ‘hands-on’, working with my mum, Dee, and her Cleaning and Maintenance business on Macleay Island.

“But when this opportunity came up with John Bonett, I jumped at the chance.” Georgia told The Friendly Bay Islander.

John Bonett was not phased at giving Georgia an opportunity.

“Georgia is not the first woman I have had working on our equipment.

“However, we hope to take her right through our program that will see her qualified to operate and maintain all of our equipment.”

These include diggers, excavators, bobcats, tippers, backhoes, cherry pickers and forest mulchers.

John has known Georgia for some time and believes she is ideally suited to her new position and working with heavy equipment.

“I have found woman are meticulous in their preparation, which is vitally important when working with heavy equipment.

“Georgia will learn every aspect of maintenance and service of the machines she will be working on.

“This has to be learned before she actually gets to drive and work each piece of equipment,” John Bonett said.

Georgia started with JSBS in early December and already says she ’just loves it’.

“I feel really suited to this job and working for John is just fantastic.

“Everyone has been so welcoming!”,

Georgia added.

• John Bonett with heavy equipment protege Georgia Foster.