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HAVING COVID19 CORONAVIRUS ON OUR ISLANDS! The fear of the Coronavirus or Covid-19 has been palpable. Just the very name itself, and the publicity behind it, caused the biggest scare and fear in the history of mankind. It was in step with the Grim Reaper campaign of the 1980’s in association with Aids, but this one was on steroids! First there was the Delta version and then eventually Omicron evolved. Clearly Omicron was far better to catch than the initial Delta variety. Many people have died and there have been ‘scares’ both ways. The majority believe the dangers of virus, while others believe the ‘cure’ (vaccination) was worse than the virus itself. Who is right and who is wrong? We don’t really know, but after all this time, both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are now ‘welcome’ after the State of Queensland reached a double-dose vaccinated rate of 90% It was hard to fathom that one minute you couldn’t do something, then the next minute you could; all on the say-so of a person called the ‘Chief Health Officer’ or a Politician. No wonder so many people have been confused, concerned and mystified. So just how bad has the Coronavirus been? Well, we can tell you that we at The Friendly Bay Islander have now had ‘first hand’ experience. We have had two daughters and two granddaughters catch the virus, the Omicron variety. And, the littlest granddaughter (aged six) passed it onto to her grandparents here on our islands. ‘So what was it like to experience?’ Having had the flu on many occasions in the past, it was fairly easy to compare. One thing we did notice, the experiences and the symptoms were clearly ‘different’. Whilst there were some similarities in mostly headaches and cold symptoms, one family member had huge aches and pains, whilst the other did not. There were hot and cold flashes for one of us, but not the other. We did the RAT’s to discover we ‘had’ the virus, and another about five days later that showed we ‘no longer’ had the virus. Altogether we stayed at our island home for 10 days before venturing anywhere again. The symptoms have mostly gone, except for a lingering slight cough. After three vaccinations your author caught the Omicron version of the virus. For two days it got steadily worse and on the 3rd and 4th days it was quite uncomfortable. From then on the situation improved until the negative reading almost a week later. ‘Was it worse that a dose of the flu?’ It was similar in many ways, but did not seem to stick around as long as the flu normally does. ‘Will there be any ‘after effects?’ We don’t know, but considering we finally caught the virus that literally changed our world forever, we can say that it may not have been worth all the effort. Most islanders we have come across have now had the virus, those who have been vaccinated and unvaccinated.



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