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CR. MARK EDWARDS ANNOUNCES HE WON’T CONTEST THE 2024 LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTION Division 5 Redland City Council Councillor Mark Edwards has announced he will not contest the next Local Government election to be held in 2024. The announcement will come as a surprise to many, and no surprise at all to some others. In his monthly column in The Friendly Bay Islander in this edition he has made his stance ‘official’. He states: “Last month the FBI printed an article I wrote about my focus for delivering a range of much needed infrastructure to the islands over the next two years and beyond. “There are a minority of voices that thought this was the beginning of my re-election campaign. “This could not be further from the truth as it really is my focus to deliver the best for the islands. “The evidence of this is that I have decided NOT to run for re-election in 2024. “I have never thought that any political position should be a position of ‘right’ and that change of representation and views is an important feature for our Australian democratic political health. “My decision to not re-contest the next council election is to ensure that our community has a new councillor with a different perspective yet is dedicated to serve us all. “In making this announcement two years out from the election, it will allow sufficient time for prospective candidates to consider the role, be prepared, engage with the community and more importantly be able to transition from their employment or business commitments to a political role. It is also a rare opportunity when candidates have an equal chance as they are not campaigning against a sitting Councillor. “I have no preferred candidate nor do I know of anyone who is considering the role, I just want the best candidate to serve us in the future. “The success of the next Councillor is very important to me as I will be permanently living on the islands and contributing to our community in different, positive ways. “I know the pressures and difficulties that are placed on people we elect and the limitations of their power. “Supporting our new Councillor in two years is very important but I have a most serious role in the next two years to shape more infrastructure outcomes for the islands and have a stream of new projects beyond 2024 that can continue to be delivered post election. “In the meantime I have a job to do with more passion than ever. More work to do!”, the councillor concluded.