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High tides have created more than a little interest around our islands

Whilst causing havoc elsewhere on the exposed coast and combined with the huge recent seas, on the inner islands it was noticed just how high the tides rose.

It was certainly the highest we have seen in the past 10 years.

On North Stradbroke Island, there has been some damage at Amity to property, “but nothing we haven’t seen before,” real estate agent Olivia Cole told The Friendly Bay Islander.

At Point Lookout there has been some beach erosion.

Water rose above the banks in some areas, including the lower foreshore on Karragarra Island.

On Macleay Island it was quite spectacular with the tide lapping high up the foreshore shed steps.

While on Russell Island passengers getting off the ferries were surprised when they literally had to walk through water as it invaded the jetty.

This happened at the final leg of the jetty where it connects via a dog-leg to the jetty proper.

No jumping to avoid the water; you had to walk through it!

No such happenings on Coochiemudlo where the jetty provides adequate protection.

The SMB Islands are hoping they will similarly protected in future when building of the $34 million jetty project starts this year.

• Walking through the water on the Russell Island Jetty

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