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There were certainly some considerable swings and movements in the latter stages of the recent Local Government elections. Two of the really close calls involved two of the island divisions 2 and 5. In both cases, the swings were quite dramatic in the latter stages of the counts. Division 2 involved sitting councillor Peter Mitchell and a challenge from a Victoria Point business person, Brian McDonald. Much to Peter Mitchell’s disappointment, support from the three polling booths on North Stradbroke Island was disappointing, to say the least. However, when it came to the mainland polling booths along with postal and pre-poll voting, he was able to literally come from behind to be elected 51.55 to 48.49 percent. The opposite was the case in Division 5. After a big early lead, Shane Rendall from Russell Island was finally elected 50.77 to Travis Hilton’s 49.23. At one stage Rendall was 30% in front, but watched his lead whittle away as pre-polls and postal votes were counted. It seems, many voters on the mainland were ‘unaware’ that Travis Hilton is also an islander, hailing from Macleay Island, and many presumed he was a ’mainlander’. The other interesting swing was in Division 4 where young mother Angel Crowden romped the voting in a the face-to-face polling booths and had a lead of more than 20% at the conclusion of direct voting. There was a massive swing the other way from pre-poll and postal voting that saw Lance Hewlett regain his division 54 to 45%. Most of the other divisions were much clearer wins!


There is no doubt about it, there were some definitely pre-election ‘shenanigans’ going on, particularly at the pre-polling stations. There were accusations on all side in relation to ‘harassment’ and even more than that when one councillor was accused by another councillor of having their phone knocked out of their hands. So much so, we believe police may have been involved. What we find is quite extraordinary is that in this day and age people can’t seem to have a ‘differing opinion’ to someone else and be polite and cordial about it. The days of some form of ‘chivalry’ have long gone. There we many instances in Australian politics in years gone by where ‘opposites on the political spectrum’ were often great friends. Not so today. 


A reader recently got quite a shock (a day after watching the latest version of Ghostbusters on Netflix) when they peered out from their verandah. Looking through x2 screens there appeared to be a woman standing at the base of a gumtree on adjoining block. It wasn’t too impossible of a conclusion, because at the foot of that tree there is a nest of white cockatoos. What could a woman be doing at the nest; perhaps she might be a wildlife carer? It looked so real, our reader looked again and was sure it was a woman at the base of the tree. However, he eventually made his way out to the back yard for a clearer look. The woman handn’t gone, she had become part of the tree. The distortion caused by the screen door and external screen blinds on the deck were enough to make the image more than ‘life like’. See the images here. and you can see the poorer image seems to indicate a ‘real life’ woman. Up close and more clearly, the colourings and the notches at the bottom of the tree could easily be seen. The distortion from the screen had, for a moment, turned here into a ‘woman of mystery’, or perhaps a ‘Ghost Buster’!


President of the Bay Island Auto Club, Ian McParlane, presented prizes to both Macleay and Russell State School students who participated in the Classic Cars Art Competition. Eight $20 gift vouchers donated by Spar on Macleay Island, were presented to the category winners. Ian said the art works were most impressive, and reflected the imagination and skill of the children, and the fun they experienced. The next effort will be a Billy Kart build competition. Island Men's Sheds will be approached to see if they will cut the timber templates for each of the Karts, and a Build Competition will follow at each school to be held in August (Russell) and September (Macleay). The final Bay Islands Auto Club activity for the year will be the Kart Design and Decoration competition, which will be held in October (Russell) and November (Macleay). Some of the Karts will be on show at the Lions Christmas Parade in December. The Auto Club is hoping to receive a Council Grant funding approval, which is needed to help promote and run the last two events.


A free community event is to be held on May 18 from 12 noon at Raby Bay Harbour Park celebrating volunteers in our Redlands community.  Star Community Services says whether you've dedicated countless hours to a cause close to your heart, or you've been touched by the kindness of a volunteer in your community, this celebration is for YOU!  Enjoy a fun day out with friends and family.  Sit back and listen or stand up and dance to a fantastic mix of entertainment for all ages. Food trucks, market stalls, jumping castle, face painting, petting zoo and more! Cheer the champions. Meet with groups and organisations who make our community a better place. More info on  and on So mark your calendars, spread the word, and let's make this a celebration to remember! Everyone is welcome.



Get your dancing shoes on, the  Bay Islands Community Dance gets under way on Saturday June 1 at the Russell Island Recreation Hall. Music will be provided by Jon Jass and the Rustlers. It starts at 7pm and ends at 9.30pm. This is a no alcohol event, and supper is provided. The cost for entry is Adults: $7.50

Family: $15 (2 Adults and all children under 12); Family: $20 (2 Adults and 2 young people over 12.



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