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NATIVE TITLE CLAIMS AND TIMING Many will be shocked at the level of claims for Native Title rights over huge areas of the Redlands and our islands.The list of claims is extraordinary. Check out the feature page in this edition to understand the depth and breadth of some of the claims. Not all of them will be successful, because many of the sites identified, a precluded from Native Title claim, but it hasn’t stop the claims anyway. Many of these were first claimed as far back as 2017, with the list expanding as time has progressed. We may think we have it ‘bad’ here, then you should check NSW out. There are over 40,000 claims being made in that State at the current time. Claims are being made all over Australia by various and many indigenous bodies; some of them at loggerheads with one another. We wonder what impact these claims will have on the vote for the Voice coming on October 14? AFTERMATH FIRE TRAGEDY The aftermath of the fire tragedy in Todman Street, Russell Island is still being felt. All islanders seem to have been impacted in one way or another. The funeral service for the six family victims attracted a huge crowd and provided some comfort for many. Whilst the Police have stated there were ‘no suspicious circumstances’ days after the blaze, that doesn’t mean that their investigations have been finalised. The Task Force appointed to investigate the blaze is still in place. How the fire started and the extent and ferocity of the blaze are aspects that have not been answered or declared, and may never be! MOONLIGHT MOVIES SUCCESS The season of Moonlight Movies on Macleay has come to an end, and what a success the event has been. Held on x3 occasions, it was part funded by Redland City Council. Held at the Community Hall site on Macleay, it was a clever event that proved islanders really want events like this to be held to be enjoyed. They came in droves with big crowds and lots of community fun. Well done to the organisers. Despite its success, they are not likely to be held again in that format. it would take further council sponsorship to make that happen. It is believed the Macleay Island Lions Club may be interested in running a slimmed-down version (open air movies) on an ongoing basis. We hope so; the islanders loved it, particularly with all the run activities attached. We shall keep you posted! MESSY BLOCK OWNERS' REACTION in a recent edition of the Friendly Bay Islander we mentioned the state some blocks are maintained on our island, particularly by residents who haven’t got around to keeping them in a good state. We make no apologies for the criticism. Not everyone is in a position financially to have things the way they would necessarily want or like. That doesn’t mean they can’t at least make these sites tidy. All that requires is desire and effort. Accumulating junk for the sake of it does nothing for our island our our pristine environment. If your piece of paradise looks a mess; clean it up! SMOKERS AND SIGNS ON JETTIES Since the new jetties have been put in place, the authorities have been lax in placing appropriate signing and messaging about, particularly in relation to smoking. It seems some smokers have chosen to ignore the law and to smoke and throw their unsightly butts anywhere they like, even on the new jetty walkways. They also ignore all the messaging re the impact from smoking on health, as well as the obvious that if you smoke, you stink! Smokers are also aware of the law, or should be. You cannot smoke within 6 metres of any building or public amenity, including our island shopping centres. That’s it. Don’t smoke on the jetties or anywhere near a building. It is believed that Redland City Council may soon be mounting additional messaging on all the jetties re NO SMOKING! JOHN CRACKER McDONALD AND RON BARASSI You might wonder why a small, regional publication might want to mention the passing of two ‘greats’ of sport, John ‘Cracker’ McDonald and Ron Barassi. Both are sporting legends, John McDonald was a powerful Rugby League centre who hailed originally from Toowoomba and represented Australia; and Ron Barassi was without doubt the biggest ever name in Australian Football. McDonald had an equally impressive career as an administrator as head of the QRL and ARL for long periods of time. Both McDonald and Barassi were known to Friendly Bay Islander Managing Editor, Gerard Thompson. As well as being a Rugby League legend, McDonald was also a professional athlete of note, particularly as a strong 400 metre specialist. It was on the athletic track as a professional athlete in the mid 1970’s, where Gerard Thompson got to know John McDonald very well indeed. “I had some great tussles with ‘Cracker’ over 400 metres. We were both backmarkers over the distance in a similar period which saw us have some great races, invariably finishing within inches of each other”, Gerard Thompson recalls. “He certainly was a great character and a tough competitor.” As for Ron Barassi, our erstwhile scribe got to spend a full day with Barassi one Australia Day. “Ron was sent to Port Macquarie NSW as an Australia Day ambassador in the 1990’s. Because I owned and ran a section of the media in Port Macquarie at that time, I was attached to Ron for his Port Macquarie stay. He was very unassuming and we got to speak about everything sport and life. It was a great experience to speak with the man so closely for a wonderful day.” Both McDonald and Barassi will be remembered for their contributions as long as Rugby League and AFL continue to be played. CAR SHARE CONVENIENCE A bit of a ‘mishap’ with our mainland car, has seen it out of commission for over a month. What to do? Why not get into touch with Aaon at Bay Islands Car Share. What a Lifesaver! A quick sign up, and we soon had a fleet of vehicles at our disposal. How convenient it has turned out to be. We swapped to a larger SUV when we needed to pick up some items on the mainland, and on other occasions had a small Suzuki model to nip around the mainland. Didn’t take us long to get used to the clever key storage system at the Bay Islands Car Share car park just a few metres away from the terminal (very convenient indeed). We can see how convenient the Bay Islands Car Share operation is. It also shows you in real terms exactly how often you get to use your mainland car. For us is was just over once a week. Brings home a lesson how costly it is to own and house and pay for a car continually on the mainland. Car sharing definitely makes a lot of sense, and you can see how money can be saved as well. Thanks Aaron and Bay Islands Car Share!



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