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RUSSELL BOWLS HISTORY REVEALS OLD CLUB PICTURE AND IMMINENT 40TH ANNIVERSARY Russell Bowls Club Manager Deborah Gatenby has found an old artwork of the first club building and would like to know more about the painting. The Friendly Bay Islander was able to provide a fair amount of information about the club’s history, having produced a special feature on the occasion of the club’s 30th anniversary in 2012. We know that a meeting was held on the 29th of March 1982 to officially form the Russell Island Bowling Club. Much has happened over the years, with the building of the original small club house being constructed in 1986 and the green opening the following year. If you know anything about the artwork of the original clubhouse, please contact us here at The Friendly Bay Islander. Deborah is going to have the original painting placed in a prominent position in the club. 30 YEARS TIMELINE 29th March 1982 a meeting called by the Russell Island Progress Association to form a bowling club. Bill Wright purchased the first bowling mat at a cost of $700. 31st March 1982 Hans Schulze appointed first captain with Mrs D Sengstock, Mrs Thea Schulze and Mr E Green vice captains. 1st April 1982 decision made to make the new club an independent identity separate from the progress association. 14th April 1982 The club officially formed with president Hans Schulze, vice president Allen Robb, secretary Errol Green, treasurer Jim Beck. 26th May 1982 Senator Florence Bjelke Peterson accepted position of club patron. 10th May 1983 The now registered club was progressing well with $2250 in the bank. 3rd June 1983 Constitution was accepted and Russell Island Bowls Club was formalised. 19th May 1985 Club incorporated in readiness to receive parcel of land on lease from council. February 1986 Founding president Hans Schulze dies and first green dedicated in his name. September 1986 work started on green and first clubhouse. The bowling green was completed in 1987. November 1988 Temporary clubhouse opened. More than 100 members. August 1989 B Molloy awarded Life Membership. 16th August 1992 Club obtain club liquor licence with affiliation with RQBA and QLBA. 2004 Paid bar staff employed.

• Deborah Gatenby with the early painting of the first club building



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