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THE BIG RUSSELL ISLAND JETTY FLOAT OUT UNCERTAIN TO THE END! It was to be a military precision from a company that knows what it is doing. The first of the new island jetties was to be floated out on one of the last days of April in a major operation from Thornlands to Russell Island. We’re not sure if it happened on that date, but islanders were expected to be out and about in boats and on the foreshore to see the intricate process. The contractors, The Jetty Specialists, were selecting special high tides to make sure it had the best time and process for the big procedure to be carried out. A tug boat, we believe, was to handle most of the process with plenty of other craft on hand to aid the process. The entire move was designed to be as simple as possible. The Jetty Specialists built the huge jetties at their Sunshine Coast factory; moved them to Thornlands and the foreshore for superstructure work to be carried out before floating the whole thing out on the high tide of April 29. Fortunately, it all went smoothly and was a precursor to similar events in the coming months to Macleay, Lamb and Karragarra islands. The later moves will have no effect on the finishing date for the new Russell Island jetty and terminal and the other terminals. The Russell jetty will be open for use probably around the start of Spring. The entire project for all the island jetties is scheduled to be completed by mid 2023.

• The new Russell Island floating terminal/jetty before the big float-out!



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