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The Russell Island Men’s Shed group now has a ‘home’ of sorts.

Not necessarily a permanent one; but it presents possibilities.

By way of explanation, the men’s shed group is a relatively new one.

It is loosely tied to the previous Russell Island Men’s Shed group that in 2012 received a grant to build a men’s shed on the island.

Despite funding being received at that time, that shed never was built.

It became attached to the Bay Islands Community Services and, after many dramas and difficulties, was built in a form, by that organisation.

The current Russell Island Men’s Shed group became an Incorporated organisation in more recent times and started advocating for a premises on the island.

And because they had registered the previous Russell Island Men’s Shed name, the group attached to community services registered another name, The Shedders on Russell.

They, then, had a shed; the Russell Island Men’s Shed group did not.

To be honest, it was a mess with the potential to get much messier.

A solution of sorts was recently proffered by the Russell Island Mens Shed Inc. and accepted by manager of the Bay Islands Community Services on Russell Island, Tony Controneo.

The Russell Island Mens Shed Inc, suggested there should be a ‘merger’ of both groups; but in real terms it meant that the Russell Island Men’s Shed became the controlling organisation headed up by Peter Jacques on Russell Island.

The shed in question is a new addition to a group of sheds that have been constructed on the Bay Islands Community Services site on Jackson Road, Russell Island.

The shed was built for the purpose of a men’s shed with the help of council and State Government grants.

The shed that has been built is extremely small and suitable for basic men’s shed activities.

It does have potential to be extended.

Peter Jacques says much has to be decided, but says it is important for the men’s shed group to have its own identity.

Issues of licensing, ownership and other matters have yet to be sorted out.

Community Services say that Russell Island Men’s Shed group can occupy as per agreements with other organisations that already exist on the site.

The situation was to be discussed between all parties by the end of January and an agreement entered into in the short term; it may not necessarily be a long term solution.,

Whatever happens with the shed on the site, it all has to be ratified by Redland City Council; the owners of the entire area.

• Russell Island Men’s Shed group members Peter Jacques and Phil Hutson in front of the Jackson Road shed.



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