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With a rapidly increasing, new population to our islands, it is becoming very evident that our islands are in dire need of improvements whether it be infrastructure, facilities, services, streetscapes and the like. Keeping up with development on our islands is important but it must be appropriate to the needs of residents and visitors alike, creating spaces that are appropriate and workable, comfortable and aesthetic for people in both work and leisure. The Macleay Island VISTA Group has been formed out of the need for planning and action to be taken in these areas. Vista is a planning/steering committee to effect change by working with organisations, councils and government departments and private businesses. Addressing concerns such as roads/drainage/parking/facilities/streetscapes are on the agenda for 2023. The group is concentrating on ’The Village’ at this stage. The Macleay Island Skate Park is lacking in basics such as seating, user friendly spaces for disability and children’s playground equipment. A boardwalk on the edge of the conservation area is also proposed to provide easy access and help consolidate the two sections of ‘The Village’. Also being hands-on, the group is physically undertaking improvements to various sites in the town centre. It is currently working with Energex at their depot site. Energex has been very supportive towards the group’s vision to improve The Village’s streetscape making it more vibrant, aesthetic and user-friendly for the benefit of the whole community. A mural designed by Catherine Marsh will be painted by the group and installed on the wire, mesh fence. Mulching and plantings have been started by the small band of volunteers. Gabion seat, colourful sign-posts and fairy lights are also planned to enhance the site. Plans are also underway towards the painting of power poles along Southsea Terrace. Vista recently set up a stand at Bernie’s Twilight Market to help raise awareness and add some much needed funds to continue it’s work. The Macleay Island Vista Group looks forward to welcoming any volunteers who may wish to join. For a sense of contribution to community and being part of the future of Macleay Island, please don’t hesitate to: Email: or Msg: 0435006365



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