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MILLION DOLLAR PLUS HOME SALES GIVE ISLAND REAL ESTATE A HUGE BOOST A flurry of property sales over the $1 million mark, has given a huge boost to the island real estate industry. Million dollar individual home sales three years ago was almost unheard of. Three in the matter of months added to another five over the last five years, has given a strong indication of the strength of current island property sales. This is despite the rest of Australia experiencing sales downturns and value losses due to recent interest rate hikes. Four of the recent million dollar sales have been attributed to island agent Anne Webber of Macleay Island Property Agents. Three of those million dollar sales have been in the last two months. Anne Webber says the recent big sales: “Show great confidence in our market and the future potential of the islands.” One of the million dollar sales is the property on Perulpa Island (Macleay offshoot) known as ‘The Casino’ to many locals. It was listed at $1.35 million. Cathie and Bevan, who purchased 11 Blue Vista Street, have moved here from Scotland Island off the coast of Sydney. They recognised their purchasing power in Queensland and in particular, Macleay Island, and are enjoying our island and the space their home has provided. Their three children are loving their new home and they look forward to meeting other families soon. Another major sales was 49 Coast Road, a five bedroom, four bathroom waterfront delight listed for $1.75 million and 109-113 Coondooroopa Drive listed for almost $1.6 million. Anne says she now has a further three properties selling in excess of one million dollars.. She also has a variety of quality stock available right now between $300,000 and $700,000.

Anne Webber with former Navy helicopter pilot Cathie at ‘The Casino’ on Perulpa-Macleay Island.

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