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The new ferry timetable is now in operation on our islands.

The Friendly Bay Islander has gone to great lengths to try and work out the changes.

Translink and Travis Place, the man behind the Bay Islands Guide Information Timetable App, have assisted us with the latest information.

This is produced and managed by Russell Island’s Travis.

Whilst we can’t mention every single change to the schedule, and the outdated timetables on the ferry jetties have just been updated to the new schedules.

We can tell you there have been many increases in services, particularly at night and early morning. 

And bus services meeting our island ferries, have also been adjusted to be more in line with ferry arrivals.

  • Translink says they are combining the existing SMBI ferry timetable and most of the COVID-19 trips, so all trips are shown together making the timetable simpler and easier for you to use.

  • • Ferry trips are better spread throughout the day and when they're most needed – making it easier for you to get where you need to go.

  • • Some departure times have been changed to make your timetable more accurate and dependable – so you can be confident your ferry will arrive on time.

The separate COVID-19 timetable will no longer run however, the new merged ferry timetable will provide a similar number of services.

The new timetable has tried to maintain connections where possible, but island passengers may have different waiting times between buses and ferries at Redland Bay Marina. 

A few bus trips for routes 250 and 272 have also been adjusted to better connect with the new ferry timetable. 

Growing island population is finally having an impact,

There are also now two ferries working at night to improved time schedules.

Islanders will be pleased to know that the last ferries at night have been extended to 12.25am from Redland Bay, from Monday to Saturday.

On Sunday night the last ferry from Redland Bay is at 11.45pm

Early morning services are now starting at 3.55am from Redland Bay.

Services from Russell Island in the mornings are now more frequent following at 4.30, 4.55, 5.25, 6.10, 6.20, 6.25 and 6.45 etc 

Translink have also adjusted linking bus times as well.

It is recommended islanders check the Translink Ferry timetable or the Bay Islands Guide timetable for accurate arrivals and departures from all islands and Redland Bay.

• The new timetables at the jetties



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