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Redland City Council is currently completing an upgrade of the fire trails on Russell Island and there is a possibility some may be suitable for use as recreation trails.

The concept was first envisaged for the fire trials, by island residents several years ago, to the point that trail signs were to be prepared and installed.

Recent enquiries by the Friendly Bay Islander reveal that those initial efforts fell on deaf ears, and the concept for the walking trails has not progressed.

And Redland City Council says that until the fire trails are completed, Council is not in a position to further progress any additional uses for them.

It is believed that this trail work will be completed in the coming months.

RCC also said in 2018 Council received correspondence from a group of Russell Island residents expressing an interest in installing observatory facilities in an area of Council-owned parkland on Canaipa Point Drive, between Phoenix Street and Oasis Drive.

The group was advised they needed to apply for permission to occupy the land and Council would assess the request.

Council advised that there has been no such application for a permit, licence or lease for this purpose.

In April 2019, Council completed scheduled minor improvement works in the Canaipa Point Drive park, including an etched pavement with stars and planets and seating supporting the idea of the site’s potential and height for observations of the sky.

• Fire Trails being cleared