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RUSSELL ISLAND’S JACKSON OVAL TO GET A BOOST According to Cr Mark Edwards, Russell Island’s Jackson Oval is an example of how Redlands Coast sports grounds are managed. Cr Mark Edwards told the Friendly Bay Islander: “We all like new parks and sporting facilities and, as we know. they cost a lot of money to deliver. The councillor explained: “But that initial cost is only the start of a long-term maintenance and improvement plan to keep our community facilities up-to-date and fit for purpose. “It’s a ‘forever’ cost and planning occurs for every public asset in our city,” Cr Edwards said. So it seems Jackson Oval on Russell Island will undergo a renewal program this financial year with some special funding to install playground infrastructure which provides benefits to the broader community. The playground facility was identified at Jackson Oval, given its benefits to families as well as visitors to the island. Redland City Council has been pleased to receive State Government funding for this work. Subject to funding and approvals, Jackson Oval will undergo a renewal program over the next five years. This future renewal works identified assets such as the picnic facilities (including shelter, tables, seats and BBQs), public amenities, cricket pitch, nets and fencing as well as car parking including disability parking. Cr Edwards added: “Jackson Oval is typical of all our parks and sports facilities where long-term planning and ongoing funding is needed to keep our community facilities in good order.”

• Cr Mark Edwards and the upgrade works at Jackson Oval

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