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Macleay Island’s Joseph Quinn is on the road to a career as a successful Thai boxer.

So much so, he has turned an interest in self defence into his first appearance in the field of professional Thai boxing.

Joseph is the son of Jason and Emily Quinn of Quinn Plumbing and the grandson of Gordon Quinn.

Both dad and grandad in their day were pretty efficient when it came to pugilistic art forms.

Joseph is keen to make it his career.

He is already an assistant trainer at the Legacy Thai Boxing Gym in Brisbane.

And just a few weeks ago Joseph made his first appearance in the ring on a professional basis.

And effective he was too, having a Knock Out victory in the second round against his opponent.

The bout was staged at First Fight at Bracken Ridge.

So impressive was Joseph, he is already being touted for a career that could take him a long way in initially Thai Boxing, but probably later in UFC fighting.

Joseph clearly has a wise head on young shoulders.

“This first bout was testing the waters.

“I feel I can have a career in the sport,” he told The Friendly Bay Islander.

His mantra for fighting is impressive too: “The best offence, is to have the best defence”.

He is a fan of both Thai and UFC fighting. The difference between the two is marginal.

And it is likely Joseph will step up to the more lucrative UFC in the not too distant future.

“I like watch the UFC bouts and believe I could do well,” Joseph says.

His next step will be a few more bouts in the Thai ring.

“It is about getting more experience, but I am determined to put 100% into the journey,” he added.

Already Joseph Quinn has his first sponsor.

Jeff Rood of Bay Island Automotive Services on Macleay Island is behind Joseph, making the Friendly Bay Islander aware of the young man’s talents and potential.

“I am very impressed with Joseph. Not only does he come from a good island family, but he shows particular determination and promise.

“I think he will go a long way in the sport.”

Jeff Rood encouraged other island businesses to get behind Joseph and to also ‘sponsor’ the young boxing prodigy.

• Joseph Quinn with sponsor Jeff Rood.

• Joseph celebrating his first KO victory!



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