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COUNCIL TO COLLABOR8 WITH THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ON KEY COMMUNITY PROJECTS Redland City Council is seeking a commitment from the incoming Federal Government to partner with them to deliver eight projects considered essential to support the Redlands Coast community, including our islands. Mayor Karen Williams said Council’s 2022 Federal election advocacy document was built on a foundation of collaboration and partnership. “Council is committed to working with other levels of government to deliver for our community and, in the lead up to next month’s Federal election, we are asking all candidates to join with us in delivering for our community,” she said. “Council has a history of advocating for our community and this federal advocacy document identifies eight projects that will create more jobs, deliver more space for Redlands Coast families to play and help our community travel around the city safer and faster.” The eight projects are: · Birkdale Community Precinct · Redlands Coast Regional Sport and Recreation Precinct · Transport infrastructure (Eastern Busway/duplication of Cleveland rail line) · Funding to support Council’s on-the-ground koala research and conservation projects · Internet/mobile connectivity · Redlands Health and Wellness Precinct · Small business support and innovation · Support to address housing pressures. “The selected projects are all absolutely vital here if we are to sustain our liveability standards and create an environment where small business – the lifeblood of our economy – can thrive,” Cr Williams said. “Council has been working on many of these projects for a number of years, including making significant investment in their planning, and we need federal help to turn our dreams into reality. “The Birkdale Community Precinct has the potential to put Redlands Coast squarely on the map by delivering a lasting community legacy through a series of exciting projects, while the Redlands Coast Sport and Recreation Precinct and Health and Wellbeing Precinct are essential for our growing population.” Cr Williams said the advocacy document continued recent examples of what could be achieved when different levels of government worked together. “In the last 12 months we have seen what can be achieved through collaboration, with South East Queensland securing the world’s largest sporting event and the long awaited City Deal, which will deliver billions of co-investment dollars across the region,” she said. “People expect different levels of government to work together and our Federal advocacy document is all about building partnerships that will deliver for our residents of today and tomorrow.” COUNCIL GETS TICK OF APPROVAL Redland City Council’s management of the impact of the recent heavy rainfall on some of its major assets has received positive feedback from officers from the Department of Environment and Science (DES) following recent site inspections. Mayor Karen Williams said DES officers visited multiple Redland City Council sites over a number of days to follow up on the city’s handling of the extraordinary weather event in late February – early March. “Redland City Council staff were complimented for the efficiency, diligence and professionalism shown in preparing for the event and the actions taken overall as a management response to what was a destructive and massively disruptive event for south east Queensland,” said Cr Williams. DES staff toured the city from March 14 to 22, visiting a total of 11 venues – seven waste water treatment plants on the mainland and on North Stradbroke Island, two recycling and waste centres and closed landfill venues which are major sports and recreation sites, Judy Holt Park at Birkdale and Sharks Football Club at Victoria Point.



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