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KITTI SCHELL GRADUATES WITH UNIVERSITY THEOLOGICAL DEGREE Well known island resident Kitti Schell has been honoured with a University Degree. Many are aware that Kitti has a zest for life and deeply religious. She is known for her fitness classes that including Yoga and Tai Chi, often in the park opposite here Macleay Island Home. For some years now she has been studying ferociously, and in recent years has visited some of the most religiously important sites in Christendom, mostly in Israel and Jerusalem in particular. For the past eight years she has been a student at the Nazarene Theological College at Thornlands As a result, she now has a new title as a ‘Health Chaplain’ - a role Kitti has been doing ‘naturally’ for many years. As a result of her studies, she was recently presented with her degree at a special student graduation ceremony. Kitti told The Friendly Bay Islander: “As I have always lived a Pollyanna-lifestyle since a young girl, which is how I define my Chaplaincy role. “The reason: there's always something to be glad about!’ With one major goal under her ‘cap’ she is now in the process of completing her Masters Degree with a specialisation in Chaplaincy. Well done Kitti. It is a great achievement and you have long been a supporter and friend of the Friendly Bay Islander - Ed.

In cap and gown, Kitti Schell receives her degree in Chaplaincy from Principal of NTC, Rob Fringer.



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