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LAMB ISLAND RECREATION CLUB ON THE ‘COMEBACK’ TRAIL The Lamb Island Recreation Club is making a significant ‘comeback’ within the island community. The club has had its ups and downs in recent years, with the last two administrations implementing some major changes that see’s the club starting to ‘reconnect’ with many islanders. The latest administration is continuing on the same path. There have been three Presidents in the past 12 months with Sue Ellen Lacey, Jeremy Collett and Kim Ward, and the club has been able to continue on the same trajectory of improvement and change. The committees have recognised that the club is a business and it has to be run like one. Because the small island club relies solely on revenue from across the bar and does not have the benefit of income from poker machine revenue or any other sources of income, pricing is vital to the club’s success. The club committee recognised that there had to be some pricing adjustments to put the club on a sounder financial footing. A successful, new catering team has been appointed, and is being supplied by the Joy2Care organisation. The club recognised it was also vital to have good food services, to encourage continued visitation. The other major aspect is ‘safety’. The club committee says that people need to know they are in a safe and friendly environment, and by adhering to the Queensland Liquor Laws allows us to ensure the club is a safe environment and no bad behaviour is tolerated. Clearly the message is getting across with the club noticing an increase in attendance. Club secretary Marilyn Gould says: “Many people are coming back to the club who tell us they have not frequented the club for some years.” With systems improving, the club is gradually ‘ticking off’ goals that needed to be achieved. “We want to work with all island groups for a safer and happier community. “We will introduce some changes along the way that will involve trivia nights, member’s draws and entertainment. “In the future we will look to upgrading various areas of the club to make it a more enjoyable location,” Marilyn says. Another boost to the club is that it has just taken delivery of a new bus for island and ferry pick-ups etc., thanks to a recent grant received. After a particularly busy pre Christmas, Christmas and New Year period, the club is now heading for some Australia Day fun later this month.

• The new club bus outside the Lamb Island Recreation Club.