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THE MYSTERY OF THE STOLEN LAMB ISLAND JETTY MAIN SWITCHBOARD THAT DELAYED JETTY BUILD X 2 MONTHS Had all things gone to plan, the residents of Lamb Island would have been enjoying their new jetty terminal months ago. As you may have noticed, the new floating platform jetty had still not been put in place well after the other x3 islands. And that’s because someone decided to steal a main switchboard! So who goes to the effort and trouble of pinching a 220kg switchboard? Obviously someone who is very determined. The theft happened in early July. Member for Redlands Kim Richards provided the following information to The Friendly Bay Islander: “On Monday 10 July 2023, the contractor The Jetty Specialist advised that the main switchboard (MSB) had been stolen from the Lamb Island site. “The theft was reported to the police with a detailed report taken. “It was noted that the MSB weighed over 220 kg and was installed in its permanent position inside the fenced work site. “The value of the MSB is approximately $40,000 with a six-to-eight-week lead-time to source another MSB." The incident resulted in a significant delay on the overall completion of works. The Jetty Specialist advised The Friendly Bay Islander that in mid September, a replacement switchboard was re-installed along with the new security and monitoring measures. The new terminal eventually arrived and Lamb Islanders are now finally enjoying their new jetty! Sos, who stole the switch board? If you know anything about this, we recommend a call to Crime Stoppers is appropriate. This can be done anonymously. Here is the contact information:

• The replacement switch board at the Lamb Island jetty; replacing the stolen one!



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